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Our Roof Repairing Re-Roofing Singapore Contractors provides professional roofing works. And effective roof maintenance works for your existing roof problems. Our re-roofing works or roof maintenance works is the process of...

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We are Roof Repairing & WaterProofing Contractors team in Singapore. Also our team providing best solutions with FREE cost estimations with no obligations. Means does not meant that you must get our work done. You decide, whether our quotation is fit-in with your budget for your best roofing replacement or waterproofing needs.

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Roofing is one of the two most exposed sections of a building concerning water penetration or seepage. Roofing materials are usually waterproof, nevertheless, it is not sufficient. Roof represents an exterior surface of the building and is designed to sustain multiple forms of aggression;

That is why it is quite logical to expect the roof to last at least 4-5 decades. there is a need for supplementary waterproofing materials to be added. They remain used either as a protective layer on top of the roof or as a part of the roof’s structure – the frame. A professional contractor will suggest which type of waterproofing material is suitable for a particular type of roof, and based on climate conditions of the area in which you live (number of rainy days per year, air humidity, and so on).

Waterproofing is among the best performing jobs in any building project and polyurethane is among the best materials to use. It can be applied smoothly and sets into the surface and invades it. , Unlike other fillers, it can be applied smoothly and it deeply assimilates in the surface. Consequently, the polyurethane membrane will seal off the concrete walls right down to such a level as microscopic pores, and its water absorption capability will decrease.

Polyurethane also has the advantages of not being affected by oil, detergents and a number of chemicals. These characteristics and benefits make polyurethane as one of the most suitable waterproofing materials that can be used extensively. It can be applied to walls, balconies, terraces and walls. What concerns the price, it can be considered rather high and belongs to the premium category. The average application price is $10 per square meters of the building.

Types of Waterproofing Methods :

So, what are the sections in which building waterproofing may be categorized? Specialists in waterproofing building materials use one of the following tried and tested waterproofing methods:Those who apply various building materials for waterproofing resort to one of the following three successful waterproofing techniques and methods.

There is a possibility that the kind of waterproofing method and strength of the procedure and humidity control material may vary with the area of architecture that requires the protection. The following are the three types of common scenarios that occur in the business organization;


We have the finest team of Roof leak repair and water proofing contractors in Singapore. Our roofing company's staff has worked on numerous projects in Singapore. Local Singapore Roofing Contractor for Roof Leaks and Roof Water Damage. In addition, we perform Roofing leak repair, Rooftop, MetalRoof Repair Contractor, and Ceiling water leak services. Specifically Flat roof leak repair, Roof Waterproofing, Roofing Specialist, and waterproofing of concrete roofs. * New and replacement roofing for residential, commercial, and industrial structures * Aluminium composite panel and polycarbonate roofing works * Steel cladding works to lift shaft, Gutter and downspout works *Roofing, guttering and water leakage repairs for all types of landed properties

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We do have singapore's best Roof leak repairing & Water proofing contractors team. Our Roofing company team is well experienced with lot of projects in local singapore. Singapore Local Roof repair Contractor and Water leakage on roof local singapore. Also we do Roofing leak repair, Rooftop, MetalRoof Repair Contractor, Ceiling water leak. Especially Flat roof leak repair, Roof WaterProofing, Roofing Specialist, concrete roof waterproofing.

* New roofing and re-roofing works to residential, commercial and industrial buildings
* Aluminium composite panel and polycarbonate roofing works
* Steel cladding works to lift shaft, Gutter and downspout works

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